Board Members

MMC benefits from its strong, active and independent board members who come from diversified backgrounds.
Their leadership and constant guidance helps to draw the overall strategy.

Mr. Rakesh Chetal (Ex-Adviser/Scientist ‘G’)

Deptt. of Science & Technology, Government of India
New Delhi

Mrs. Parul Nangia (Associate Director)

Manpower Management Centre
New Delhi

Mr. Sudhir K. Bhutani (FCA, DSA)

Purushothaman Bhutani & Co.
New Delhi

Mr. K.G.S. Mani (Chief Executive)

Sudha & Subha Associates Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi

Mr. A.M. Rao (Ex-Chairman & Managing Director)

Bank of Baroda (U) Ltd.
Kampala, UGANDA (E.A.)

Dr. S.P. Sharma, ISS (Ex- Adviser)

Ministry of Environment & Forests
New Delhi

Dr. (Mrs.) Tripti Pande Desai (Professor)

New Delhi Institute of Management
New Delhi

Mr. Dean George (CCO)