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| Women Empowerment | Social Science | Hotels & Hostels | Corporate Training | NBFC | Education | Health Care |

  • Profiling of Graduate & Post-Graduate SC & ST Students of Delhi University.

  • Career Profile of NET Qualified Research Fellows: 1996 to 2001.

Science & Technology
  • Directory of Extramural Research & Development Projects approved by selected Central Govt. Agencies/ Departments for the year – 13 Editions Year (2000 – 2015)
  • Database of Science Communicators in India
  • National Awards Recipients in Science & Technology Communication/ Popularisation.
  • Research & Development Funding Schemes of Central Government Departments/Agencies

Human Resource Planning
  • Staffing solutions, salary management tool for Employees of Youth Hostels Association of India (YHAI) & National Youth Hostel Trust.
  • Job Satisfaction of employees in I.T. Companies.

Skill Development & Corporate Training
  • Screen Printing Skill Development.
  • Assessment of Emerging Opportunities and Prospects of Careers in Science & Technology.
  • Corporate Training Program for Engineers.
    Impact Analysis
    • Department of Science & Technlogy’s Young Scientists Programme.
    • Research & Development in Industry.
    • Contact Programmes for Talented School Children.
    • Scholarship & Fellowship Schemes in Science & Technology in India.
    • Environmental Experts in India.
    • Recipients of Junior Research Fellowships awarded by UGC & CSIR.

    Women Career, Safety & Empowerment
    • Working Women & their Family Perspectives.
    • Women’s Participation in Programme of Self-Development & Skill-Acquisition for starting Entrepreneurial Production Units.
    • Working Conditions and Economic Status of Women employed in Private Sector Companies.
    • Working & Living Conditions of Female Domestic Workers in Delhi & Millennium City Gurgaon and to look into the conduct of Placement Agencies.

    Health Care
    • Insights of Working Conditions & Economic Status of Nurses employed in Private Nursing Homes/Hospitals.

    Socio – Economic
    • Research & Development Manpower in Socio-Economic Ministries/Departments including Public Sector Industries.

    • Analysis of Investment Pattern and deposit mobilization of an NBFC.
    • Staffing solutions for NBFC.
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